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Cem Öcek

Cem Öcek was born in Izmir/Turkey, graduated from Computer Engineering Department of Ege University, Izmir/Turkey in 1992 and has been designing and making electric and bass guitars for 20 years.

He is the writer of two books in Turkish on electric guitars, amplifiers and effect devices of electric guitars. He has been writing articles to music technology magazine, “Sound” in Turkey since 2009 and to Luthiere Magazine, “Sustain” in Berlin/Germany since 2013 on new music technologies, unusual musical instruments and sound art & sculptures.


He has been support member of European Guitar Builders (EGB) since 2014. He gave lectures in 2016 in EGB symposium on "Defining Quality of a Guitar by Analyzing Physical Properties" and "Guitar Pickups and How Their Tones are Shaped"

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